University of Maine

Introduction to Journalism (CMJ)

Consider David Foster Wallace (Honors)

Civilization IV (Honors)

Journalism and American Democracy (CMJ — Graduate)

Civilization III (Honors)

Literary Journalism in America (CMJ)

Civilization II (Honors)

Multimedia Production (CMJ)

Civilization I (Honors)

University of Notre Dame

Literary Journalism in America

Journalism and American Democracy 2.0

The Future of News

The Image of the Journalist in Popular Culture

Writing Literary Journalism

Case Western Reserve University

Literary Journalism in America

Saint Louis University

Introduction to American Studies

Journalism and American Democracy

Fontbonne University

Introduction to American Studies

American Literary Tradition: To Whitman

Rhetoric II: Writing About Media & Culture

Rhetoric II: Writing About Health & Medicine

Rhetoric I: Writing About Consumer Culture

Rhetoric I: Writing About Experience and Identity

College Writing Skills

University of St. Thomas

Critical Reading & Writing: Fiction and Nonfiction

Critical Reading & Writing: Poetry and Drama

University of North Dakota

Introduction to Humanities

The Films of Stanley Kubrick

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